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    What makes Helium more private than other dating apps?

    Helium focuses on safety and is an anonymous dating platform, as long as you don't give out personally-identifying information.

    We do not disclose your location to other users. We also don't disclose when you are online, or when you read their messages.

    And best of all Helium doesn't collect your email address, social platform logins, phone number, or any other private information.

    How secure are the messages and photos I send?

    Very. Helium only stores your messages (including sent photos) until the intended recipient receives them. Then they are permanently deleted from our temporary storage.

    Your messages and sent photos are fully end-to-end encrypted so that only you and the receiver will be able to ever read or view them. Look out for the system message in your chat to indicate that your messages are being encrypted.

    Encryption is not available in all countries due to legal restrictions.
    Helium staff DO NOT have access to your conversation history.

    How does Helium match me?

    Heliums uses your age, location, gender and seeking gender to serve you the most relevant results but don’t worry, none of this will appear on the app so there’s no need to shave a few years off your age.

    Helium’s goal is to get people communicating without “deal-breakers” influencing your decisions before you get to know someone. Helium allows people to express themselves freely through one-to-one communication and asking questions. You will be able to choose whether you want your age to be displayed or not.

    Can I really send a message to anyone?

    Ah-ha. You can send messages to any active member you see on Helium - no restrictions. Remember to add some spice (not sleaze) to your first message, “Hey” won’t get you anywhere fast.

    Where can I see my conversations/contacts?

    These are the people you are interested in keeping in touch with and appear in the bubbles running across the top of the app.

    If you initiate contact with someone or reply to someone’s message, they will automatically be moved to your contacts list and are ordered in most recently received/sent. Look out for the green dots to show you when you have an unread message.

    You can remove anyone from your contacts list at any time by opening their profile and on the 3 dot icon (top right) choose “Remove Member”. They will instantly be removed. The same result will occur if you choose the “Block Member” option for a member on your contacts list.

    What are tags?

    Once you have exchanged messages with another member you can indicate what you think of the person by tagging them. Although most of the tags are positive there are also some negative tags. You can also change your tag at any time if you change your mind. To tag another member, click on the tag icon and choose the appropriate tag.

    You can only tag someone once the other person has sent you at least one message.

    Can I have multiple accounts or profiles?

    No, you must delete your existing account before you create a new one.

    Do I need to upload a photo of my face?

    Yes, you will need to upload a photo of your face to be able to use Helium. If you wish to restrict who can see you then try our “Ninja Mode”, which is part of our Helium Plus subscription.

    How do I log in from another device?

    Your account is associated with the device and can’t be transferred. However, if you upgrade your phone or restore from a backup then your profile and data will be maintained.

    I deleted the app and installed it again but lost my conversations?

    If you uninstall the app, then your conversation history will also be deleted as it is only stored locally on your phone. However, your profile and people you are chatting with will be restored.

    How do I report a user for inappropriate images or content on their profile?

    When on the chat or profile page with the user, tap the 3 dot icon (top right) and choose the “Report Member” option. If the user receives multiple complaints then the inappropriate content will be removed and their account may be locked.

    What do I do if someone is offensive or abusive?

    You should report the user via their chat or profile page. Simply tap the 3 dot icon (top right) and choose the “Report Member” option. If a user receives multiple complaints then their account will be automatically locked (possibly indefinitely).

    My account is locked and I can't chat with other members?

    Your account is most likely locked because too many people have reported you. If you head to your ‘My Account’ page, you will be able to see how long your account will be locked for. If you receive further complaints after your suspension, then your account could be locked again for a longer period of time or blocked completely.

    What is Helium Pop?

    Give your phone a shake and try it out! You will be immediately matched with another Helium user from anywhere in the world. Who knows, you might find a new foreign pen-pal or long-distance love affair.

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